Signs of the Times

[From the Southern Methodist, Baltimore, Md., August, 1923]

It does not follow that "a penny saved is a penny earned." Much depends upon what the penny is saved from, and what it is saved for. A penny or a dollar saved, when it ought to have been spent or given away, is really lost; lost in the most hopeless fashion. So with time and strength. One may save time and conserve energy by narrowing his interests in life. Thus one man cuts out churchgoing in order that he may have more time for other things; another gives up his Sunday school class for the sake of selfish enjoyment; still another drops out of active helpfulness because such service tires him too much. The question, however, remains as to which kind of labor is best entitled to tax us. Love never counts cost. The spirit of love glories not in what it saves, but in what it gives.

October 13, 1923

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