The Harmonizing of Time and Place

A Little Christian Scientist was experiencing his first day at school. At home, the mother was finding it difficult to go about the usual tasks without a feeling of restlessness. The house seemed very empty, and three o'clock very far away! At last, as the clock struck two, the mother started out for the schoolhouse, telling herself that it was as well to be in "good time." She had yet to perceive what "good time" really is!

Shortly after her arrival, the little class came trooping out of the building. But it was only a recess time. As the mother saw the shining face of her little son, she rushed forward, expecting a veritable outburst of joy on his part over seeing his mother again. Instead, the little fellow drew back, and a shade seemed to pass over his face. Looking steadily at his mother, he said quaintly, but very firmly: "What brings you here? Mother, this isn't your place until three o'clock." At first the remark was dismissed as just surprising; but next day, when the mother found herself confronted with the same argument of restlessness, the truth of her son's utterance stood out as a clear, healing statement.

Obedience to Law
October 13, 1923

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