During the years that I have been interested in Christian Science...

During the years that I have been interested in Christian Science there have been many proofs of God's loving care and protection. I have been healed of numerous discordant conditions; and my two children have never had any other help than Christian Science. My daughter, nine years old, has missed only five school days from kindergarten to the fifth grade. Those days were during kindergarten, when she had what she called "spots," the trouble being entirely healed during that time. A most remarkable healing was that of my son, last August. One evening, after a romp with little friends, he suddenly complained of being very tired; and became very ill. I read to him from "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, and sang some of the hymns until nearly one in the morning, when he said that he could go to sleep; but he was very restless. When he tried to get up in the morning I found he could not stand, and that he was very crooked, with one leg drawn up shorter than the other. Still I had no fear, and knew that God was with us. He asked me to read and sing to him; and I did so almost continuously through the day and night. The next day, Sunday, he tried to walk, but could only hobble with much pain. On Monday, one who is very fond of him came and took him for a ride; and then was when fear began to creep into my thought. He had not eaten during these days and had suffered intensely, but like a little soldier. Still I tried to work out this problem through my own understanding of the truth; but on Thursday, when the thought was presented that I was not doing all that should be done, that I should have a physician, and so on, I hastened to a loving practitioner for help. I had promised that if the child was not better I would allow an X-ray examination to be made, and so we went to a friendly chiropractor. I respect him; for he told me, when I said I would consent to the examination but not to his treatment, that he would not take the X-ray picture as it would be a waste of his time and my time and money; but that the child needed immediate attention, and would not walk or be straight for several months.

We were brought home; the practitioner was called on the telephone and told the result of the visit, and the child put to bed, where he slept peacefully the entire night, for the first time in a week. The next day we visited the practitioner's office (the first time she had seen the child during the treatment); and he walked nearly straight. He started to eat, and on Sunday walked perfectly. This week seemed like a month; but I feel it was only a test of my faith, as I had always said my children should never have any other than Christian Science help. Just two weeks after he was stricken we went to the country, where he climbed and played just as the other children did. The disease has never been named; but the suggestions of rupture, inflammatory rheumatism, spinal meningitis, and infantile paralysis were some of my fearful thoughts that were met and mastered. In September he entered kindergarten. He has never missed a day, and is in perfect physical condition.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to express my gratitude for Christian Science
August 12, 1922

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