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The editorial comments appearing in a recent issue of the Evening Union are commendable for their forceful warning against the effects of fear. This great enemy of humanity cannot be too often exposed, nor can we be too alert against its subtler and more insidious attacks. Especially commendable is the caution against instilling suggestions of fear into the minds of children. In three of the gospels is recorded Jesus' solemn warning against offending "one of these little ones;" and, assuredly, greater harm cannot be done to these little ones than making them slaves of fear. After his effective warnings against fear, the writer adds, "This is written not by a Christian Scientist, but by one who believes in real science"—an insinuation that Christian Science is only a meretricious or pseudo science, which comes with ill grace from one who has borrowed most of his effective thoughts from Christian Science. This intimation that only the physical and medical systems of doctrine and theory are "real science" has been expressed frequently by unintelligent and unthoughtful speakers and writers; but it should not be taken for granted by the intelligent and thoughtful. The apostle Paul's admonition to "prove all things" is as wise and timely to-day as it was nineteen centuries ago.

The physical sciences are constantly shifting. Not one is the same as a century ago. How could this be otherwise? They are based, partly at least, upon hypotheses and theories which are varied and amended, when not discarded, from generation to generation. Professor Einstein has shown that all of them combined do not afford us absolute knowledge of any subject. The theory of evolution, which has reigned among physical scientists for a half century, is now being questioned and doubted. Theories of matter have been in a state of flux for more than a century, and are still no more than theories. Even the law of gravitation is now found to be insufficient and needing amendment. The scientific theories of former generations are being discarded. What right have we to assume that the scientific theories of the present generation will not follow suit? It is evident, then, that to style these hypotheses and speculative knowledge "real science" is assuming a great deal, to say the least. When this is done in order to convey the innuendo that Christian Science, or the Science of enduring, absolute knowledge, is meretricious or false, it is unjustifiable. Jesus said, "And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent." Manifestly, then, since the right knowledge of God and Christ is eternal life, this right knowledge is real Science. Not only so, it is beyond question or doubt the most vital, important, and essential Science of which we can conceive. And since Christ revealed it to men, it cannot be amiss to call it Christian Science. As Mrs. Eddy says in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 341), "Sneers at the application of the word Science to Christianity cannot prevent that from being scientific which is based on divine Principle, demonstrated according to a divine given rule, and subjected to proof."

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