One night a few months ago, while skating, I fell on my...

One night a few months ago, while skating, I fell on my nose, which was broken and badly cut. I was stunned from the fall, but after declaring the truth was able to stand up. The blood on my face I supposed was caused by an ordinary nosebleed; and when the bleeding stopped I felt perfectly normal and continued skating. As soon, however, as my friends saw my face in the light, they were very much frightened, and advised me to go to a doctor at once to have the bone set and stitches taken in the cut. Not until my attention was called to it in this way did I know there was a gash in which I could lay my finger, and that the bone protruded on the opposite side. On my way home I called upon a Christian Science practitioner for help. Feeling secure in the protection of divine Love I went to sleep; and was able to go to work in the morning as usual. In fact, I suffered no pain whatever at any time; and in less than three weeks the cut was healed and the bone had gone into place. From the beginning the incident had no reality to me; and it was only after repeated expressions of sympathy and amazement from my friends that I was impressed with the enormity of the so-called material law which had been broken through the application and demonstration of Christian Science.

This is but one of the many instances in which the slight understanding which I have of Truth has saved me from the results of some mortal mind belief of which I knew nothing until later. Each day I am more grateful to Mrs. Eddy, who has made it possible for each of us to understand the healing truth. I am especially grateful for the privilege of class instruction; and fervently hope my life may attest the sincerity of my words.—(Miss) Marion J. Morris, Bradford, Pa.

Testimony of Healing
Words are inadequate to express my gratitude for the...
June 24, 1922

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