In a recent issue of your paper I observed a bank teller...

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In a recent issue of your paper I observed a bank teller joke, in which a wife is represented as saying, "Now, Henry, if you want a dinner fit to eat this evening you'll have to leave me a little money. I can't keep this house on Christian Science." I appreciate the joke, for I was once a bank teller myself; and, moreover, a Christian Scientist can enjoy wholesome humor as well as any one else, even though the joke may be at his own expense, and when the jokester's intent as in this instance was evidently innocent.

The remark, however, illustrates a rather careless and common conception of Christian Science, implying as it does that Christian Science is an impractical theory, and not a reliable agency for supplying one's everyday needs,—a belief somewhat prevalent among many who know nothing about the subject, or may have only a smattering of knowledge concerning it.

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