Available articles from members of The Mother Church and good testimonies from those healed by Christian Science are always welcomed for consideration by the Editors. Manuscripts for publication in the Sentinel and Journal, whether articles, poems, or testimonies, and correspondence relating thereto, should not be addressed to individuals, but to the Editorial Department, The Christian Science Publishing Society, Boston 17, U.S.A.

All Christian Science periodicals, including The Christian Science Monitor, are entered at the Post Office in Boston, Mass., as second-class mail; consequently, under the rules of the postal authorities, when a subscriber removes to an address outside the former postal district, the periodicals are not forwarded by the Postmaster without the prepayment of additional postage. Hence, when only the Postmaster is notified of the change of address, delays in delivery are occasioned and sometimes the loss of the publications. Therefore, subscribers are earnestly requested to notify the Publishing Society, as far in advance as possible, whenever a change of address is to be made, so as to avoid interruptions in delivery of their publications. Subscribers are requested to give both the old and new address and the name of every periodical for which the change is desired.

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February 18, 1922

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