It is a number of years now since Christian Science came...

It is a number of years now since Christian Science came to my knowledge and brought, with the first glimpse of its wonderful revelation of the true nature of God and man, such a transformation of mind that my whole life seemed renewed and many discordant conditions, both physical and mental, vanished there and then. Since that time each succeeding year has brought many, many blessings as my understanding of Christian Science has become clearer, and trials, both for myself and my family, have been overcome by the application of its laws, so far as understood, either by myself or by the kind help of those called upon in need.

All cases of healing in Christian Science are so beautiful and helpful to the one healed that one can scarcely single out any particular case, but the following may be helpful to others. One Monday evening some years ago I felt suddenly very weak and ill and had to go to bed. Early next morning the symptoms of fever of a serious type were so alarming that a practitioner was telephoned for, and she came at once and stayed with me, giving me treatment till noon of Wednesday. By that time I felt so much better that I saw her go quite cheerfully, but next day fear returned and the condition became so bad that my husband, who is not a Christian Scientist, sent for a doctor. He made an examination, and when he said that if my temperature had been a little higher he would have declared it typhoid fever, I felt glad that he had not seen me a day or two before. He ordered a strictly limited diet, medicine, and of course, bed for an indefinite time, but I told him that I was having Christian Science treatment and that it was only to satisfy my husband that we had asked for his opinion. He was most kind, and even sympathetic, for which I was very grateful. While he was voicing some of the beliefs of materia medica and laws of disease, their nothingness came to me so clearly that from that moment progress went on steadily, and by the following Sunday I was well again and out of doors as usual. All the time the practitioner continued helping me by absent treatment, and I can never tell my gratitude for her loving, patient help.

Signs of the Times
February 18, 1922

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