A New Concept for the Old

As experience in dealing with humanity grows broader, one cannot fail to be impressed with the fact that all are looking for and endeavoring to reach a certain standard which, to them, embodies an ideal of correctness. Each one has a standard up to which he is endeavoring to measure along the particular line of work in which he is engaged. With one it is this and with another it is that, but in every instance an effort should be made to progress along a chosen line by being watchful to avoid the errors which mark a deviation from the standard of correctness for which one is striving. Strict conformity to right ideals is the path. It matters not if one is a mathematician, musician, teacher, business man, there is present as the standard to be attained, that which marks the best practice along the particular line of endeavor. This is equally true of the housewife, the nurse, the student. There is an inherent tendency in every individual to desire to know the right way and then to become adept in a chosen field by strict adherence to correct practice.

Divine Principle is felt all through the affairs of men, even when it may not be recognized for the part it plays in establishing a standard of perfection. Because of the fact that this tendency to adhere to correct practice leads one higher and develops the highest traits along a particular line, it is easily recognizable as a good thing, or as the manifestation of good in the realm of human affairs. Good is but a name for God, when used in its highest sense. Therefore, each one is by the measure of his faithfulness to correct practice evincing his natural desire to be governed by good, or God. Furthermore, as a correct concept of God is born in the consciousness of the individual and this concept is held, the desire to accept Principle as a guide and the ability to follow intelligently are also unfolded.

The "divine fiat"
February 18, 1922

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