Our family is very grateful for Christian Science, for...

Our family is very grateful for Christian Science, for The Mother Church and all its subsidiaries. In the year 1920, Monday noon of Christmas week, our little son, then nine years old, was on his way home from school. While crossing the street, he was struck by a speeding automobile and thrown near the railroad track, unconscious. The driver raced on. A dealer's car, trailing the speeding car, witnessed the scene and conveyed the little boy to the hospital. His mother and I were notified, and on our way to the hospital met a Christian Science practitioner. We asked for help, and were lovingly sent on our way with a few well-chosen words of consolation. Upon our arrival in the X-ray room at the hospital, there lay the little boy, hurt to mortal sense almost beyond recognition. Two eminent and skilled surgeons were there, awaiting the arrival of the parents of the boy, without attempting to render any medical or surgical assistance. Two X-rays were taken. One revealed a skull fracture; the other, a broken collar bone, separated three quarters of an inch. Both surgeons informed me that no operation would be performed, as the case was hopeless and the child could live but a few hours. In the presence of the attending physician, however, that same evening, about eight hours after the accident, our son awakened from the unconscious condition and recognized his parents. Oh, how grateful we were to our God, who is Life! On Wednesday evening he was in his own home, the kind physician having consented to his removal after I had signed the hospital release and assumed all responsibility. Later, after the Wednesday evening testimony meeting, the practitioner visited our home. This was the first time the patient and the practitioner had met. A joyous meeting—it was Christmas eve! After a lapse of two weeks, in order to comply with the wishes of the humane officer we again called in the physician, who applied no material remedies, but reported to the officer that the shoulder blade was perfectly healed. The only ill effect from the skull fracture was one turned eye. This rapidly straightened; and in five weeks the boy was attending school in his normal condition.

The school teacher notified us that she had no time to help the boy catch up with his class; but her assistance has not been necessary. The end of the term found him at the head of his class; and he was ready for promotion to the fourth grade. He is now in the best of health, attending the Christian Science Sunday School and public school regularly. He stands at the head of his class in his studies, and takes a prominent part in school athletics.

Testimony of Healing
I cannot express in words my thankfulness to God and...
December 2, 1922

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