Christ Jesus said to Nicodemus, "Ye must be born...

Christ Jesus said to Nicodemus, "Ye must be born again." I had often pondered over this saying, and, as a youth, searched in vain for a satisfactory solution. After a period of twenty years, I met with an accident and fractured a bone in my foot. The foot was placed in a plaster cast, which enveloped the leg, extending to the knee. At the end of six weeks the doctor removed this; but I tried in vain to walk on the foot, and after many attempts gave it up in despair. The doctor said that with massage and rubbing for a week or ten days the foot and limb could be restored to a usable condition. This proved very unsatisfactory. I was anxious to get back to business, and it occurred to me to try Christian Science. I knew nothing about Christian Science; but a practitioner was called, who kept the appointment that afternoon. Upon entering the room she stated, "There is nothing the matter with man;" and, while astonished, I made an attempt to walk, and, behold, a miracle,—the blood circulation had been instantaneously and completely restored, and I was as free as if the accident had never happened. I have scarcely had a pain or an ache in the foot or leg since that time, about fifteen years ago.

While overjoyed to get out, I regret to say I did not then give Christian Science the credit for this healing. About two years later, I had a complication of diseases, and was confined to my home by severe intestinal pain. After some week's treatment the doctors held a consultation and decided for an operation on the kidneys. I prepared for the operation; but before the time I was told to secure X-ray photographs of the kidneys. These photographs did not show any obstruction; and the X-ray diagnostician said there was nothing the matter with the kidneys and no reason for an operation. Confused and annoyed by the different diagnoses, it occurred to me that Christian Science healed me before, and possibly could do so again.

Testimony of Healing
I had heard of Christian Science very often through my...
December 2, 1922

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