Signs of the Times

[E. S. Martin, in Harper's Monthly Magazine, New York, N. Y.]

A man's most difficult antagonist is within himself, and the same is apt to be true of nations. . A great problem, perhaps the greatest, . is to induce brethren to dwell together in unity inside their national boundaries. Any nation that can solve that problem can be led to the solution of the kindred problem of international peace and cooperation. The most hopeful people in the world are those who believe in the helpfulness and the activity and the boundless resources of the world invisible, and in the power of living people to reach those resources and use them. It is the people who have faith in the invisible world who will pull the visible world through. They are the hardest of all people to beat, the most enduring, the most diligent. Stripped of material things, they still have spiritual possessions. In despair they still have hope; in misery, expectation.

December 2, 1922

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