"Our sufficient guide"

On page 497 of the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, appear the religious tenets of Christian Science, the first of which reads, "As adherents of Truth, we take the inspired Word of the Bible as our sufficient guide to eternal Life." This tenet explains why Christian Scientists are such consistent students of the Bible. When perplexing doubts arise, and we realize that we can of our own selves do nothing, but that "the Father . . . doeth the works," with this tenet in thought we turn to "the inspired Word of the Bible,"—God's Word,—and He points out that which invariably meets the need.

When one has learned, early in his study of Christian Science, that resentment and desire for revenge must be uprooted and cast out, it may seem confusing to turn to the Psalms and find constant petitions for the destruction of our enemies; at least, so it appeared for a time to the writer. So distasteful did this seeming desire for revenge become, that those psalms which contained any allusion thereto were carefully avoided. As she persisted, however, in her study of Science and Health, she began to see that enemies are the errors or evils which seem to beset one,—false beliefs and wrong practices. With this interpretation of "enemies," the book of Psalms became a very valuable help.

Keep Not Silent
November 1, 1922

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