It is with a heart overflowing with gratitude to God, to...

It is with a heart overflowing with gratitude to God, to Christ Jesus, our beloved Way-shower, and to our revered Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, that I send this testimony of healing. I did not begin the study of Christian Science for physical healing, but because of unhappiness and loss of faith in the God I had so long worshiped as a member of an established church. But healings have come, some through my own study and work, others with the aid of loving practitioners. I have been healed through Christian Science of neuritis, headaches, constipation, influenza, and an abdominal tumor.

I would like to speak of this last-named healing, which occurred a little over two years ago; for an operation had been advised, and the size the growth seemed to have attained made me extremely sensitive. At this time, I called upon a Christian Science practitioner for treatment, which was lovingly given. The healing was not instantaneous. While I know I should have rejoiced if it had been, yet really there is almost a feeling of gratitude that it was not; for during the time of treatment I received so many blessings, and such an enlarged understanding of God and man's relationship to Him, as well as my relationship to my brother-man, that the time was joyous with expectancy. When, finally, the demonstration was made, my first happiness came in the thought that now I knew the meaning of that word "Immanuel" —"God with us;" for the spiritual uplift and understanding was so much greater than the sense of physical freedom. Since that time much of peace and joy has come to me, and many opportunities to pass on this beloved truth.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science was presented to me six years ago by...
November 1, 1922

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