One of your contributors seems to take special exception...


One of your contributors seems to take special exception to Christian Science because it teaches the infinity, omnipotence, and omnipresence of God, Spirit; consequently, the unreality of matter. There should be nothing startling in the assertion that matter is not real. . . . Huxley said the existence of matter was hypothetical, while Professor Ostwald, of the University of Leipsic, declares it to be "a thing of thought." In the light of these statements by such high authorities, why should Mrs. Eddy's prior declarations along this line be singled out for criticism? In this connection we should remember that when Galileo denied the belief that the earth was flat and stationary, and that the sun did not rise or set but was the center of a relative stillness, he was called a heretic, brought before the priests, and imprisoned for rejecting the testimony of the senses.

Speaking of sin, disease, and death, in other words, of all evil, Mrs. Eddy has said: "Jesus' definition of devil (evil) explains evil. It shows that evil is both liar and lie, a delu sion and illusion." Farther on we read: "After this manner our Master cast out evil, healed the sick, and saved sinners. Knowing that evil is a lie, and, as the Scripture declares, brought sin, sickness, and death into the world, Jesus treated the lie summarily. He denied it, cast it out of mortal mind, and thus healed sickness and sin. His treatment of evil and disease, Science will restore and establish,—first, because it was more effectual than all other means; and, second, because evil and disease will never disappear in any other way" (Christian Science versus Pantheism, p. 5). The critic undertakes to explain how Christian Science heals the sick. Just here he is treading on sacred and, to him, unknown ground. Whoever has become capable of explaining or demonstrating this sacred function for himself or other has found the "pearl of great price," which is worth more than all else in the world to-day; and any one who has acquired this ability has come into possession, somewhat, of that Mind "which was also in Christ Jesus," and he would, then, in humility and meekness, seek to devote the remainder of his earthly days to the great Cause of Christian healing, destroying both sin and sickness as the Master commanded.

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