It has been my privilege to witness daily in some degree...

It has been my privilege to witness daily in some degree the destruction of error through a knowledge of Truth. This spring I experienced a great proof of the omnipotence and omnipresence of God. I had just started on my way to work when I suddenly slipped, falling heavily to the ground, and at the same moment became aware of pain in my knee. Immediately I declared that I was God's child and that consequently no evil could happen to me. In the course of the afternoon, however, the condition became worse, but I nevertheless remained calm, experiencing a deep sense of peace. The thought came to me, "Now prove what you have learned of Christian Science." Instead of becoming better the condition became worse, and as I was not very well able to leave my work I bore in mind the thought that Love heals everything. Because error was repeatedly whispering, "You cannot walk," I waited for a street car for some time, but in vain. Then the thought came: "What says you cannot walk? It is only error that speaks so." Then I walked, repeating at the same time a poem which I had read in Der Herold, and while doing so I was completely healed. The joy which resulted caused me to stand still, and I was only able to say, "Yes, God is omnipresent."

For this proof of the omnipresence of divine Love I am truly grateful, but much more so for spiritual understanding, for only through this have I attained true joy, which is with me in all my ways. Also in business relations I have received great help. It is cause for great happiness to me, as a Christian Scientist, to know that God has given me strength to prove all good. For all these blessings I am thankful to God and to Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science was brought to my notice in Switzerland...
June 26, 1920

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