Some misstatements occur in a sermon, "Why I Am Not...

Cedar Rapids (Iowa) Gazette

Some misstatements occur in a sermon, "Why I Am Not a Christian Scientist," reported in a recent issue of the Gazette. The man, preacher or layman, who has not himself healed a single case of disease through the power of prayer to God is in no position to discredit the faith of those who do make such proof of God's power and of His love for man. Many thousands of the world's best citizens are to-day telling the world why they are Christian Scientists by their lives of consecration to God and by their unselfish devotion to the welfare of their fellow men. The man who was hopelessly sick and becomes strong and well through the teachings of Christian Science, who was burdened with poverty and is now successful and happy, who was lost in sin and now finds himself a useful citizen instead of a charge upon the state, demonstrates the truth of Christian Science, and is a living witness to its healing power.

An evangelist is one who brings glad tidings of great joy, who is a bearer of good news, who is filled with a religion so vital that it occupies his whole life. Christian Scientists so live their religion and love it. They know it is here for all alike and rejoice that many thousands have found in it a panacea for all their woes. These thousands are its witnesses to-day. Because Christian Science is a religion which follows Christ, it is distinctly Christian; and because it is capable of proof or demonstration, it is truly scientific. It is surely Christlike to heal the sick, to comfort those who mourn, and to lift up those lost in sin to that knowledge of God which brings them to right thinking and to right living. Many thousands gladly testify that the power of the Christ as taught in Christian Science is as available to-day as in the days of Jesus.

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