His Right Place

Christian Science confirms the Scriptural statement that immortal man is the infinite expression, idea, or image of God. "So God created man in his own image," we read in the inspired first chapter of Genesis, and as if to emphasize the momentous completion of spiritual creation, the record further states that God beheld all that He had made and pronounced His work "very good." "Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them." The universe of Mind with its identities, which embrace all substance, involves the changeless, the complete unfoldment and emanation of immortal wisdom and Love. If spiritual man is the impeccable and all-inclusive idea, or image, of God, then he must include and embrace all creation. Since it is impossible to separate cause from effect, then God, the one and only cause, cannot be divorced from man, the effect of this great creating cause. The real man not only partakes of the quality and essence of his Maker but he is indissolubly united in harmonious relationship with all the ideas which are included in the realm of infinite Mind. Thus the ideal man is not only the right or true idea of God, but he is eternally in his right place in the universe of Spirit. Paul, preaching to the Athenians, defined man's real environment to be in Mind when he said, "For in him [God] we live, and move, and have our being." God who is Love, and immortal man who is loving, are coexistent in Truth.

Christian Science reveals God's universe as complete and demonstrates the divine power which Deity imparts, through the operation of spiritual rules founded on perfect Principle. It is anchored upon unerring and unchanging law. Truth, which pervades its statements, is absolute. The fact that the human miscalled mind cannot comprehend spiritual man nor cognize his infinite Principle, does not disprove the infallibility of Principle, nor lessen man's immortality. Neither does this hinder his ability to be holy. When the understanding comes to a man that Mind is all and supreme, and that God's spiritual universe is the only reality,—understanding obtainable through the study of Christian Science,—he acquires the conscious birthright of dominion promised in the Bible, is lifted above the false teaching of creeds, and begins to see the things of God, good.

"The right intuition"
April 3, 1920

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