The Test of Right Thinking

It is generally agreed that the twentieth century has ushered in a new era of thought. Everywhere men are earnestly thinking, the more so since the recent world war has brought so many problems to the fore. Christian Scientists, as part of the whole human family and concerned in all things that conduce to the universal welfare, should at this juncture of worldly affairs strive most seriously for clear and correct thinking. Happily, through the teachings of Christian Science they have already learned somewhat of the government and guidance of divine Mind and the manner by which Mind's ideas may be apprehended and wrought out in life practice; therefore it will not be so difficult for them to achieve this desirable end.

The quality and character of all thinking determines its consequences. It is true in the mental realm, and there is no other, that "by their fruits ye shall know them." As all acts are preceded and controlled by thought, it very naturally follows that these acts are valuable or valueless, worthy or worthless, according as the directing and guiding thoughts are good or bad. Human thinking is not always wholly good or wholly bad; there seem to be gradations of thought, states or stages of thinking, ranging in varying degrees from the densely ignorant to the highly enlightened, from the vicious to the moral; but the essential nature of the thought in its totality will be expressed in the life of the person.

Giving Testimony
February 7, 1920

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