"Now is the accepted time"

There is no doubt that more people are studying the Bible to-day than ever before in the history of mankind, and this is due to the fact that people of the present generation are beginning to realize that the Bible is a storehouse of wisdom wherein the solution of all modern problems may be found, and from which healing draughts of spiritual truth are daily being drawn for the sick and sorrowing among mortals, enabling them to experience a degree of freedom and happiness unknown to many who are still driven to and fro by the winds of unbelief.

No doubt people are influenced by their educated beliefs about the Bible. Some for instance have long been accustomed to think of it merely as a collection of histories which have gradually grown into a concerted system of ethics working beneficially for the betterment of mankind. Others, more faithful, have declared it to be a divine synthesis to which God will finally set the seal of His authorship in the second coming of His Son and a final judgment day.

Systematic Reading
August 23, 1919

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