Harmony on Land and Sea

The writer's first attempt to apply the truths of Christian Science resulted in an immediate healing of car sickness. As this trouble and also seasickness had always caused her much suffering when traveling, the gratitude felt for this proof of God's willingness and power to heal sickness as well as sin was immeasurable. It was not realized then, however, that one need not wait until going on the ocean before trying to overcome the fear of seasickness, or that this belief of evil, like every other, could be destroyed anywhere and at any time by correcting the thought of fear with the understanding that God, good, is the only Mind, the only presence and power, and that man is governed eternally and harmoniously by this one Mind.

Having on a former occasion asked for help during an ocean voyage, it was planned, as the time came for a trip over what was considered a very rough body of water, to ask help of a Christian Science practitioner whose treatment it was felt would insure a safe and peaceful journey; but on the day before that set for sailing, news was received that the practitioner was traveling and could not be reached. Besides this disappointment there was a sense of resentment at having to take the trip, and on the last night it seemed almost impossible to go through with it; but with help from the other member of the family and a greater reliance upon Truth the start was made at the proper time. Only a dislike of the crowding of the boat and consequent lack of privacy seemed to mar the starting, but this proved a means for overcoming the error which had not been entirely banished from thought, and before long the quiet of the stateroom was sought with the hope of there realizing Love's presence and peace.

Going Up Mountains
May 31, 1919

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