Protection Everywhere

When traveling recently, the realization of completely changed thought, brought about by the study of Christian Science, came very clearly to me, awakening yet another reason for thanksgiving since I became interested in this teaching close upon six years ago.

For the last twenty-five years a very considerable part of my time has been spent in railway trains, on the ocean, or in temporary residence abroad, including four years' continuous service at sea in tramp steamers. Those whose business it is to be continually traveling will readily cast their thoughts back to the setting-out preparations of their pre-Science days. The little case of carefully selected drugs which materia medica recommended to offset climatic conditions, the outfit of bandages and lint, the signing of the insurance coupon in the many weeklies offering to pay a sum of money should that particular weekly be found on the mangled remains of the victim, the insurance of luggage against loss in transit or by theft, and so on ad infinitum. Then there was the fear of theft or fire in hotels, the dread that every man in a country other than one's homeland might be a potential thief or worse, and, perhaps the greatest fear of all, the possibility of what might befall the loved ones left behind.

"Ye shall know the truth"
May 10, 1919

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