There are two points in your reflections regarding Christian Science...

Reedy's Mirror

There are two points in your reflections regarding Christian Science, in the Mirror, that may mislead your readers. One is the implication that Christian Scientists must ignore evil to be consistent with their religion; the other, that they have suffered much from the prohibition of healing by their practitioners in various states of the Union. To deal with the latter first, let me say briefly that the practice of Christian Science healing has never been prohibited in any of the United States.

Ignoring evil is no part of the religious teaching of Christian Science, which teaches the possiblity of deliverance from evil on the basis of the unreality of evil and the reality of good. It does not concede to evil any greater reality than a mathematician concedes to an error in a problem in arithmetic. The error is not real, though the problem cannot be solved as long as it is undetected and uncorrected. The mathematician does not solve the problem by ignoring the error, nor yet by regarding the mistake as a reality. He knows that it is an error and corrects it with the truth.

Extracts from Letters
May 10, 1919

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