For years I took special delight in ridiculing what I...

For years I took special delight in ridiculing what I thought Christian Science to be, but the time came when I, too, was forced to turn to it for relief. Our baby, who had not been expected to live, was perfectly healed by Christian Science in a very short time, and my wife, who had been suffering from a very serious condition, was soon restored to health. I was healed of an eye trouble said to have been inherited and pronounced by several of the best oculists to be incurable and beyond the remedy of glasses, because any lens that might help the vision completely destroyed the focus of the eye. For the past eight years I have been able to use my eyes under any and all conditions without the slightest pain or inconvenience. When I had been reading the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, for about two weeks I realized one afternoon about five o'clock that I had not been smoking since lunch time, which was an unheard-of thing as I had been a slave to the habit for years and was accustomed to smoke continuously from early morning until late at night. All desire for tobacco had left me, and it has never returned.

Christian Science has completely remade our family, and there is never a day that we do not have added proofs of God's care and protection. At the time I began studying Christian Science the so-called "family Bible" was found in the bottom of an old trunk, where it had been for several years, but since that time several copies of the Bible have been in regular use in our home. In addition to my gratitude for the numberless blessings that have come to our family through Christian Science, I am particularly grateful for Mrs. Eddy's wonderful wisdom and foresight as manifested in the way in which she established this great movement. Not only do Christian Scientists owe to our beloved Leader an endless debt of gratitude, but as a direct result of her loving labors the world is fast learning the boundless meaning of the opening sentence of the Preface to Science and Health, "To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, to-day is big with blessings."

Testimony of Healing
When I turned to Christian Science I was suffering from...
December 20, 1919

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