A clergyman states: "We of the Guild of Health are...

Halifax (Yorkshire, England) Guardian

A clergyman states: "We of the Guild of Health are closely in touch with the doctors. We do not accept the Christian Science theory that medical aid is useless." Christian Science does not teach that at this stage of the world's understanding, medical aid is useless, and in speaking of medical practitioners, on page 164 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," Mrs. Eddy says: "It is just to say that generally the cultured class of medical practitioners are grand men and women, therefore they are more scientific than are false claimants to Christian Science. But all human systems based on material premises are minus the unction of divine Science. Much yet remains to be said and done before all mankind is saved and all the mental microbes of sin and all diseased thought-germs are exterminated."

Christian Science healing is based on the scientific and provable law of the reality or allness of Spirit and the consequent unreality or nothingness of matter. As we begin to see, therefore, and understand God's law we are able by the application of this law to overcome and destroy every false so-called law of matter with its beliefs of sin, disease, and death. Just as in the case of mathematics, however, we cannot demonstrate its higher rules until we understand the first ones, so in Christian Science we can only demonstrate what we understand, and conversely we only understand what we can demonstrate.

December 20, 1919

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