Four years ago I first heard of Christian Science

Four years ago I first heard of Christian Science. This was in a grocery store where one lady said to another, "The lady on the opposite side of the street heals by Christian Science." After that, as she lived next door to me, I watched many people going to her, especially a man who at first came on crutches and could not walk, but finally came without crutch or cane. When one day my sister came home from work very ill, saying I should get a doctor at once, that she could not stand such suffering any longer, I asked her to go to our neighbor, for I knew she helped many people. While my sister was gone I walked the floor almost sick myself wondering what was going to be the trouble with her, but in a few minutes she returned smiling, bringing some Sentinels with her. These I began to read and in them found the truth which has made me free. I read both copies that evening and slept all night, which I had not done for years. In the morning I read them again and asked my sister to get me more of this beautiful reading. I at once told my little girl, then five years old, that I had found something better than doctors and medicine, for God could take care of us and heal all our sickness just as in Jesus' time. We at once gathered a big pan of medicines and threw them out.

A few months later I was visiting some friends when suddenly they said how sick my little girl looked and insisted that I had better get a doctor. I tried to apply the truth, but fear crept in and finally I took the child in my arms and carried her to my home. She was stiff and I could not hear a breath, and as I reached home I prayed to know what to do. Instantly the thought came to go to the lady next door, so crying and trembling I took the child to her and asked her to help me. She told me to be calm, that God is our Life, and instantly my little girl raised herself up in my arms, smiling. This at first frightened me very much, as I thought it was the end, but in a few minutes I was all right and we both walked out of that home rejoicing and knowing that God is the only power.

Testimony of Healing
That Christian Science does heal, I have abundant proof
November 22, 1919

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