Fourteen years ago Christian Science healed me, in three...

Fourteen years ago Christian Science healed me, in three treatments, of an ailment that physicians said only an operation could relieve. I had suffered intensely for years, but dreaded the serious nature of the proposed operation, so turned to Christian Science, as so many do, as a last resort. I knew nothing of its teachings, but the healing came at once and I have never had the least return of the trouble. Other blessings came to me as I took up the study of the Lesson-Sermons, but as I had a deep antagonism toward the Bible, believing it a mass of contradictions and impossible tales and not at all comprehensible, my progress was slow and there were many slips and stumbles on the way, until finally I gave up my study altogether. This may seem the deepest ingratitude, after my wonderful healing; though I never failed to give absolute credit to Christian Science. I had never given up my antagonism toward the Bible, and it was not until I became willing to become "as a little child," that real progress began.

During the years that I neglected the study of Christian Science, there was always the partly unacknowledged conviction that only within that study would I find the truth that would satisfy me. At last illness came, and suffering that made me long for help, and long for it enough to seek it earnestly. Of course when that time came I found relief, and then began the real effort of my life to gain what I dimly glimpsed was to be had if sincerely desired and sought. Some difficulties were overcome almost instantly and others it took more time to prove unreal, but each and every one overcome was a stepping-stone to a clearer understanding of the ever presence of divine Love. Many ills have yielded to the truth. My little son has been healed of serious attacks of poisoning from contact with so-called poison oak; I have been healed of broken arches, coughs, and periodical bilious attacks; and measles and what to mortal sense were alarming colds have been overcome for both of my children.

Testimony of Healing
Until about three years ago I had taken medicine nearly...
November 22, 1919

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