Some years ago while feeling very weak and depressed,...

Some years ago while feeling very weak and depressed, with a sense of utter failure and inability to be happy for long at a time, or to live what I thought to be the life of a true Christian, I cried out to one in the home that I knew I could never be either happy or well until I could love God more. A short time after this a friend called upon me and told me something about Christian Science and of how it had helped her to overcome sorrow. While she was speaking I exclaimed, "Why, that is just what I want!" I at once took up the study of the Bible with the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, and learned that the cry of my hungry heart had really been a prayer, and that it had been answered in this beautiful way through divine Love.

The first improvement I noticed was, that I began to think less about myself and a little more about the welfare of others; for I began to see that even my best efforts had previously been largely instigated and governed by selfishness. The earnest desire to be good, happy, and well obtained its reward; for selfishness and self-righteousness gradually yielded to the action of Truth, and physical healing in various ways followed. During the first year or so of study, with the occasional help of Christian Science friends, I found myself entirely freed from severe attacks of neuralgic headache from which I had suffered every few weeks for fifteen years. Later on I discovered that an internal disarrangement, which had been supposed to be the cause of the headaches, had yielded to the truth. A very hasty temper, jealousy, and false appetite have also been overcome, and I am humbly and truly grateful; but the greatest joy of all is the true knowledge of God which has come to me and which is presented for all to accept who will, through our beloved Leader's beautiful and clear spiritual understanding of the works and teachings of Christ Jesus and of the Scriptures.

August 24, 1918

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