In a paragraph under "Notes and Notions" reference is...

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In a paragraph under "Notes and Notions" reference is made to the supposed attitude of Christian Science toward pain; and although the allusion takes the form of a mild joke, still the impression is conveyed that suffering is ignored in Christian Science practice. Now that is about as far from being correct as it possibly can be. In no single instance does healing take place through the aid of Christian Science by ignoring the conditions which sometimes appear very real to the sick person.

What the Christian Scientist does is to endeavor to realize, as clearly as he can, the truth about the harmony of God's spiritual creation, which creation he knows to be as perfect as God, the creator of it, Himself. He understands that every form of suffering results from the material senses of men, and that suffering is entirely unknown to spiritual sense or to the consciousness of spiritual reality. It is this spiritual understanding of God and of His spiritual creation, and not mere denial, which corrects erroneous material sense and destroys its effects. In the textbook of Christian Science, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," Mrs. Eddy writes on page 214: "Spirit's senses are without pain, and they are forever at peace. Nothing can hide from them the harmony of all things and the might and permanence of Truth."

Extracts from Letters
August 24, 1918

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