About five years ago, friends visiting at my home brought...

About five years ago, friends visiting at my home brought the message that in Christian Science I could find healing and strength. The struggle in my heart went on for about three weeks, but finally, as the wonderful meaning of this Science came to me, I forgot about my desire for health, and to know the truth became all important to me. I then took my children and went to a city seven hundred miles distant to study this new-old religion. In less than a month my ill health disappeared, and my little son was cured of severe recurring attacks of a throat affection. Five months later a daughter was born to us, and the birth was almost free from pain. So different was this from former experiences of the kind that it seemed like a miracle. After that I began to study Christian Science in earnest, and about a year later, while I was studying alone one night, a chronic case of wood poisoning, which had appeared every summer for fifteen years, suddenly left and has not returned.

I am especially grateful for the wonderful way the Bible has been unfolded to me. The healing of the body is little compared with the joy of knowing that here and now God is all-power, all-presence, and that in these days if we come with the same understanding and faith, His law will prove itself to us as surely as it did in Bible times, for God is unchanging and "no respecter of persons." Gratitude has taken on new meaning, and David's psalms of rejoicing and words of praise are no longer bits of poetry, but true, and rich with significance.

May 25, 1918

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