A good many years ago, after being told by one of our...

A good many years ago, after being told by one of our most eminent surgeons that while a serious surgical operation was my only hope, I would never be well again as I had waited too long, I walked out of his office, refusing even to discuss the subject further. Then for days followed a battle with self, after which I asked my husband to have another talk with the physician and see if he would not hold out the promise of a possible healing and, if not, to ascertain if I was to be benefited enough to justify the operation. This he did, only to be again told I could never be well, although I would be in much better health. I then accepted all that surgery had to offer me and submitted to the operation, and for the following six years was practically under medical treatment and taking medicine all the time. At intervals I seemed to improve; then would come periods of such intense suffering that it seemed as if in a few days I would lose all the ground I had gained. The physician finally told me again, as he had six years before, that I would always have these spells.

A few months after this we began to investigate Christian Science for healing for another member of the family, and while reading Science and Health I was instantaneously healed—made "every whit whole." I had been reading at intervals for about six weeks, and did not know anyone could be healed by reading the book; besides, I was not reading with any idea of healing for myself. My physical condition had caused intense headaches lasting for days, and relief from them was the first sign of the healing, it being probably two weeks before I realized that an internal organ had gone back into place and an enlargement had disappeared. The conditions which had been pronounced incurable were healed in a moment.

Testimony of Healing
About five years ago I had an ailment which seven physicians...
May 25, 1918

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