Christian Science advocates but one method in the healing...

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Christian Science advocates but one method in the healing of the sick; namely, the prayer that understands and utilizes the power of divine Mind; and this method, it is needless to say, is not hypnotism but Christianity. Throughout all her writings, Mrs. Eddy emphasizes the fact that hypnotism is the antipode of Christian Science, as are all mental means which are capable of exerting an evil influence upon mankind. An entire chapter in Science and Health deals with the evil and the danger of hypnotism or animal magnetism, and shows the falsity of its claims. On page 482 of the same work Mrs. Eddy writes: "Christian Science is the law of Truth, which heals the sick on the basis of the one Mind or God;" whereas hypnotism and kindred methods assume to heal on the basis that there are as many minds as there are persons, and that these minds are the source of evil as well as of good influence.

It is well known that hypnotism neither calls for nor maintains any ethical standard. It has neither church nor creed, it recognizes neither religion nor righteousness, but offers itself as the tool of the most unscrupulous villain as readily as it parades in the guise of mental healing. It cannot, therefore, be the means or the mode by which Christianity, as taught by Christ Jesus, affords mankind the opportunity to demonstrate the infinite power of good in the overcoming of evil; and Christian Science teaches or advocates no other way by which men may work out their freedom from sin and disease.

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