"Be not faithless, but believing"

In the practice of Christian Science, believing in the power of God loosens the soil of conservatism so that the seed of truth may eventually sprout and bring forth the fruit of the Spirit. But when human ills are nurtured and nourished in a soil of unbelief, only rank weeds emerge. Fear adds itself to unbelief and holds material images in thought when they should be replaced by the true images of God's creating, and the individual thus harassed becomes as pitiful an object as was the doubting Thomas. In all human experiences the doubting thought plays a destructive part unless it is promptly corrected by truth. To doubt God's potency and presence hinders spiritual progress. The disbelieving plunge into a darkness in which there seems to be no ray of hope. The doubting Thomases of to-day ask to see the print of the nails and are not convinced until they see material signs with material eyes.

Countless unnecessary tears have been shed over the desire to see the fleshly signs of spiritual healing. Those who have experienced healing by Christian Science know that the signs material do indeed make their appearance, for humanity is uplifted physically as well as morally and mentally, but the signs spiritual must be received through spiritual sight. Then comes the new vision of the universe and man under the laws and government of God; steadfastness replaces the doubting habit; being faithful over a few things brings out the ruling over many things; the abundant blessings of God come as a present reward; sin loses its power, because discarded from thought; and evil of every kind is no longer retained, whether as friend or foe.

Scripture Study
April 13, 1918

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