My family and I have received great blessings through...

My family and I have received great blessings through Christian Science, and for the benefit of those in bondage who are seeking for the truth, I give this testimony of some of the many healings experienced. In the year 1911 I became sick. The doctors did all they could for me, but instead of improving I became worse. Upon their advice I was taken to the hospital and given a thorough examination by three physicians. The verdict was that medicine would do me no good, but an operation might, although it was very doubtful whether I would ever be well again. They would not tell me the name of the disease, and I declined to be operated on, so was taken home on December 24, 1911. I had no use of my body from the hips down, and to all appearances my legs were slowly shriveling up; there was no strength in my back, but the pain there was intense. I could not get about even with crutches, and had to be carried like a baby. In the early part of 1912, upon the advice of friends, my wife took me to another doctor, who with another specialist made a thorough examination, and I was given hope of recovery. Under this doctor's treatment, which included electric treatments and the administering of strychnine, I improved to the extent that I could get about without the use of a cane, but this condition did not last long, and I got worse than ever.

During the entire period of the illness, friends persisted in sending me Christian Science literature, but I would not read it. When the doctor under whose treatment I was last, informed my wife that he could do nothing for me except give me something to relieve the pain in the back, my wife did not inform me of this verdict, but she begged me to give Christian Science a trial. I therefore began to read the Sentinel and the Journal, particularly the testimonies. Then a friend loaned me his copy of the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, which I eagerly read, but without understanding much of it. About the middle of December, 1914, my wife took me to a practitioner, who lovingly began treatment. As I was unable to walk, even with crutches, the kind lady came to the buggy and talked to me. My wife took me to her twice a week and absent treatments were also given. The healing was slow, and one day the practitioner asked if I had complied with her request not to take any medicine. I told her that my wife had destroyed all the medicine except the strychnine. As I had taken that three times a day for over three years, I was under the impression it would be injurious to discontinue at once, but the practitioner informed me that if I wanted to get well I must put my entire trust in God and destroy this drug. This was done, and my condition improved immediately. At first I walked with two crutches, then the practitioner asked if I could not put them away, as God was my strength. I put one crutch away, then used two canes, then one, and finally none at all.

Testimony of Healing
I am very grateful for the great help that Christian Science...
March 2, 1918

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