After the War

Although armed conflicts have ceased, the need for the war work done by Christian Scientists and its corresponding opportunities will continue, not abated, but increased. The need for continued contributions to our War Relief fund does not cease with the termination of the war. With soldiers and sailors the after-war period, ending with return to civil life, will be one of great need of and most fruitful opportunities for that which Christian Scientists can supply. As for sufferers from the war, their needs will be more evident and our opportunities more available than they were while the war was going on. At such a time especially can Christian Scientists prove the truth our Leader's statement (Science and Health, p. 13), "Love is impartial and universal in its adaptation and bestowals."

In the United States, the Secretary of War has made an order which will permit the better part of the work hitherto done by Christian Scientists for American soldiers to continue on a definite basis. This order will, however, require certain adjustments on our part; and it will furnish an occasion for adapting our work to its best possibilities. This order, to take effect on the first of December, reads in part as follows:

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