With the Whole Heart

The common saying, "Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well," expresses a spiritual truth. Enthusiasm, zeal, and right impulse are all in place when governed by Mind; they are necessary attributes of true consecration. Without them spiritual progress is slow and painful, making a long night for the traveler. Unless spiritual tasks are performed with the whole heart they sink to the level of drudgery. Mere duty gives cold comfort, whereas the hearty performance of services blesses all. The psalmist declared: "I will praise thee, O Lord, with my whole heart; I will shew forth all thy marvellous works."

Whole-heartedness is scientifically based on the understanding that good is worth working for. Mere optimism which proceeds from a disinclination to destroy evil is shortlived, but the happiness which comes from knowing God is everlasting. All of His works are marvelous, for all that He has made is good, and His creation is complete. Can any conviction bring greater heartiness to the Christian Science worker than this understanding? Let all men praise God for all His works, with a heart full of love. Sense testimony argues the reverse; it points to suffering and sin, accident, failure, conflict, shock, treachery, the fury of animalism, and other manifestations of the carnal mind, and asks mockingly, Where is this vaunted goodness? The Christian Scientist has his ever ready answer in the teaching and practice of his faith. Evil is illusion; material evidence, derived from the fundamental falsehood of original sin, is not true; neither law nor necessity supports any of the phenomena of the supposititious mind which seeks to defy Deity. In the history of real being there is no record of disease or discord, of pain or decay, of loss or fear. The whole heart of God's creation is sound, indestructible, loving, and obedient to Principle as Love. There is no hard-heartedness there. God's creation is mellow, and flexible with divine activity. The light of intelligence and the radiance of spiritual substance shine forth in the harmony of perfection.

October 12, 1918

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