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[The Watchman-Examiner] The general idea of a God somewhere who made the world and turned it over to the operation of its own laws and forces, is proving to give neither safety nor satisfaction. There is a craving for a God who is near at hand and who can care for and help. By the thunders of the cannon, by the horrors of battle fields in France and ruined homes in Belgium, by the crash of falling monarchies, and now by the possibilities of peril and death in our own land, God is calling to men, and they are hearing His voice and listening for His message. That message must not fail them.

If ever there has been need for the clear setting forth of the things of God, the emphatic assertion that these are the really important things, and the urgent and insistent pressing of the divine claims and repetitions of the divine invitation, it is now. So far from diverting the pulpit from its real function or lessening its spiritual appeal, the war and the conditions arising from it should intensify its zeal and give it a new eagerness and zest in proclaiming Jesus Christ as the only hope of a lost world, and it will be inexpressibly sad if the minister—if any minister—shall fail to see this and shall miss the special and peculiar opportunities open to him in these sad trying days.

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June 9, 1917

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