When Christian Science found me, more than eight years...

When Christian Science found me, more than eight years ago, I was miserable, both mentally and physically; but such was my antipathy toward all religions that had this teaching been presented to me by any one other than the friend for whose intellectual and moral character I entertained such high regard, it probably would have been rejected. God lovingly guided me to her, however, though I had not seen her for many years previous to the day she told me of Christian Science. This was a proof that God answers all true prayer, for in my distress and worry over the constantly recurring despondent periods, the very evening before seeing her I had dropped upon my knees and cried aloud to God for help, as my resort to will-power had completely failed.

Almost immediately I purchased a copy of Science and Health and began to study it, together with the other Christian Science literature, in the same strenuous way that I did everything in those days, reading every spare moment, and even staying in town during all the summer months in order to have more time for study and access to the reading-room. I read far more than could be mentally digested, and though a slight understanding of the letter of Christian Science was gained, the spirit of it was sadly lacking, for criticism was ever present with me in some form. However, my propensity for never giving up anything until success was attained, kept me determinedly studying, attending all the services and lectures which were then available in Philadelphia, where I lived at that time; but it was a constant struggle, for the very qualities which had gained for me success in the business world seemed to shut me out of the health and peace for which I was striving.

Testimony of Healing
Realizing that it is a duty as well as a privilege to make...
June 2, 1917

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