"Of inestimable value"

In her address before the Alumni of the Massachusetts Metaphysical College in 1895, our revered Leader said: "The systematized centres of Christian Science are life-giving fountains of truth. Our churches, The Christian Science Journal, and the Christian Science Quarterly, are prolific sources of spiritual power whose intellectual, moral, and spiritual animus is felt throughout the land. Our Publishing Society, and our Sunday Lessons, are of inestimable value to all seekers after Truth" (Miscellaneous Writings, p. 113). In the twenty-two years that have intervened our Leader has added the Sentinel, Herold, and Monitor to the publications mentioned above, so that it may safely be assumed that they too are "of inestimable value" to every Christian Scientist. Remembering this, the announcement by The Christian Science Publishing Society of certain necessary changes in the prices at which the Sentinel and the other official periodicals of the Christian Science denomination are to be issued after July 1, will be cheerfully accepted by our readers because of the urgency of the reasons which from a material standpoint make these changes necessary.

Compared with the prices at which other religious publications have been sold, the prices of the Journal, Sentinel, Herold, and Quarterly have always been the minimum for such literature. Furthermore, practically every other religious periodical is in part supported by an income derived from the publication of a considerable quantity of general advertising matter. This recourse, however, has not seemed desirable in the case of the four publications named, and it has been a source of much satisfaction to Christian Scientists that these publications could be maintained without the introduction of matter which might divert the thought of the reader to subjects and interests foreign to the presentation of the truth of Christian Science in its purity. Christian Scientists have in fact been thankful to receive periodicals devoted to distinct objects, and they will, we are sure, be willing to bear the additional expense of enabling them to continue along the same lines as heretofore.

Application and Interpretation
June 2, 1917

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