Christian Science is preeminently a religion of the Bible,...


Christian Science is preeminently a religion of the Bible, and is in strict accord with Bible teachings, interpreted spiritually, from Genesis to Revelation. There is but one test to apply to any teaching purporting to be based on a scientific foundation, and that is "proof." Christian Science points to its works as evidence of its divine authority, and all the invective and misrepresentation at the command of its would-be critics will never avail to convince an inquiring world that a religious teaching utterly devoid of proof and dependent wholly upon fruitless words is to be desired in its place. On one occasion Jesus, addressing himself to a throng of unbelievers, said, "Believe me that I am in the Father, and the Father in me: or else believe me for the very works' sake." The truths taught in the Bible are susceptible of proof. Jesus proved his teachings by his works, and Christian Science is proving its teachings to be true by proving the Bible true.

Christian Science teaches the necessity of a full and complete salvation, not only from sin but from the myriad conditions which Jesus proved were the results of sin. Jesus healed the sick, and in several instances followed this work with an admonition to the person healed to "sin no more," showing clearly that sickness is the result of sin, or of the "carnal mind," as St. Paul puts it. Jesus also admonished all who believe in him to follow his example by healing the sick. Christian Science finds no excuse in the Bible for separating his command to heal the sick, by spiritual means alone, from his command to heal the sinner, and in its regenerating work of healing both the sick and the sinning Christian Science is furnishing ample proof to the unbiased thought that it is indeed giving to the world the full gospel of Christ.

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