The lecture on Christian Science given at the school auditorium...

Corpus Christi (Texas) Times

The lecture on Christian Science given at the school auditorium in Corpus Christi recently, was heard by a great many people whose idea and conception of what Christian Science really is were no less vague than their knowledge and conception of thousands of other things about which they knew absolutely nothing. It may seem paradoxical, but it is true nevertheless, that there is a class of folks who do most, if not all their arguing, or perhaps it would be more correct to say "talking," on subjects they know the least about. Hence it comes that the most violent opposition to Christian Science comes from people whose ignorance on the subject is equaled only by their argumentative (?) glibness against it.

We hold no brief for Christian Science—the growth of the church throughout the civilized world and the high class people it draws within its comforting and solacing walls speak in words stronger than any we could use in its defense. But the fact that the fundamental principle on which Christian Science rests is the power of God to do what the Bible declares He can do,—which fact is so little understood by those who oppose Christian Science,—prompts us to speak of the subject at this time. It may be stating it too strongly, but it is nevertheless true, that those who oppose Mrs. Eddy's theories must also deny the power of God to do those things which it is claimed He can do.

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