Such happiness has come to me through Christian Science...

Such happiness has come to me through Christian Science that I wish to tell how beautiful the growth has been, how perfectly logical every step. My first physical healing through the power of Truth was the cure of a long standing case of gall-stones. The only relief given by my physicians had come from an opiate, and I was in a wretched physical condition. At that time—over ten years ago—I was living in San Francisco, and although my wife had been a student of Christian Science for two years, I knew nothing of its teachings. Long before this I had drifted away from my old church life and was quite without religion. I accepted my cure through Christian Science gratefully and without analysis, yet in my heart was the thought that the old suffering would return some day. I did not attend service, but escorted my wife to the Wednesday evening meetings and passed the intervening hour at a theater. Never once did my wife reproach me, or even advise that I study her religion.

About four years ago we removed to Marysville, and love, and that loyalty which I believe to be the duty of a husband, prompted me to share at her side the comments of many of our townspeople, comments of which in a larger city I had not known. So I attended service regularly; but not until a certain Wednesday evening three years ago did the blessed moment come when I realized what a mere clod I was. The testimony of a visitor had interested me and I spoke to him. He responded cordially, and as he left he asked how long I had been a member of the society. The simple and natural question confused me, and I answered hesitatingly that my wife was a member. I was about to add that I was not, when he interrupted with the remark, "Your wife is a member, eh?" No doubt there was love in his glance and in his tone, but to my sense there was a reproach that seared me. At once I began the study of our text-book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, and gradually learned in part the truth there revealed. I became a member of the society here and have tried to do my share.

Testimony of Healing
It was in the year 1908 that I came into Christian Science...
June 2, 1917

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