Recently I was asked by a friend to give an instance of...

Recently I was asked by a friend to give an instance of healing in Christian Science,—not one of which I had read or heard, but one which had come under my personal observation. The first one which occurred to me was the healing of my mother, who had long been a sufferer from severe attacks of sciatic rheumatism. Physicians had never been able to cure her, although on occasions, which had become more frequent as time passed, she had gained temporary relief through hypodermic injections. She lived in a state of constant fear and dread lest this painful malady should seize her. After the study of Christian Science was taken up, these attacks were overcome, at first through the help of practitioners and later through the application of her own understanding of this healing truth.

I was about to tell my friend that I had no big or wonderful healing to relate from my own experience, when I remembered that a few years ago Christian Science had lifted me from the very depths of despair and discouragement. For some time I had been following a line of work which I loved, but a point had been reached where I must choose whether to go on struggling to gratify personal ambition, or to take what seemed a humbler path where work meant true service. The mental struggle had been severe, and I was at last reduced to a state of utter exhaustion.

Testimony of Healing
The healing of a poisoned finger through the realization...
January 27, 1917

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