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At a meeting of business men held in Rio de Janeiro, on June 20, a company was formed for the exploitation of a process for preserving meats without the use of refrigeration. Most of the meat consumption of Brazil is in the form of "xarque," jerked beef or "biltong," and the new process is said to produce results almost equal to those of the ordinary refrigerating methods, which are much more costly. The treatment consists of boning the meat and putting it through a certain slight process of salting, then immersing it in special tanks containing a pickle preparation formed of meat juices and melted salt, where it is left for ten days. It is claimed that meat so treated is preserved indefinitely, whether exposed later to air, heat, moisture, or extreme cold. It is said that meat thus prepared has a darkish appearance, similar to that of dried meat, but that once dipped in water it resumes its original appearance.

The Utah Power & Light Company, a subsidiary of the Utah Securities Corporation, has started construction of a fourth hydro-electric development on Bear River at Cove, Idaho. The new plant will have a capacity of 12,000 horse-power. With its completion the company will have utilized 865 feet of 1710 feet of fall in Bear River between Bear Lake and Great Salt Lake. The first hydro-electric plant of the company on Bear River at Grace, sixty miles from Bear Lake, delivers 44,000 horse-power. The second plant is the one at Cove; the third is the Oneida station, of 27,000 horse-power capacity, recently completed. The fourth is at Whelon, and has a capacity of 12,300 horse-power.

There is No War in Love
September 2, 1916

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