Being a Blessing

The promise, "Thou shalt be a blessing," quoted in a recent letter to the writer by a friend, recalled vividly to her thought how the application of the truths of Christian Science fulfils in the experience of its students this Scriptural promise to Abraham.

About three years ago, after the writer had caught her first glimpse of the unerring adaptability of Christian Science to every human problem, and experienced many blessings as a natural reward of its study, she became imbued with a great longing to share these blessings with all who came intimately in contact with her. In speaking of this impelling desire to her practitioner, who was also a faithful teacher, she voiced the fear that the spiritual gift she had to offer might be misunderstood and rejected. Being a Jewess, and moving mainly in a Jewish circle, she had often anticipated in thought the many difficulties she would encounter; at the same time she realized that she could no longer find any pleasure in following barren pursuits, nor enjoy or enter into idle, purposeless conversation and pastimes. The practitioner's reply brought light and joy, for it embodied the declaration that the student had a rich, spiritual gift to bring to her fellow men, and that she must be true to herself, the only self which forever reflects wisdom, spirituality, and truth. This advice was earnestly heeded and followed.

Enlightenment Born of Experience
May 27, 1916

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