Lack Overcome

During a time of great sense of lack, a couple of years ago, opportunity was given a Christian Scientist to prove the truth of the statement that "man in God's image can lack no good thing." She was then working long hours as a stenographer in a busy commercial office, and her evenings were employed in writing fiction, which did not sell. Discouragement with all its train of wrong thinking crept in, and persuaded her that if only she had a better typewriter to use at home when she was too weary from her day's work to remain in the office, she could write better stories and thereby meet with sales. But there appeared to be no way to procure a new typewriter.

Presently a Christian Science friend called, and during the conversation the troubled one spoke of her problem and of her sense of discouragement. The friend asked why she did not buy a new machine, to which the reply was made that she simply could not afford it, that her salary barely met expenses. The friend looked earnestly at her for a second and then asked, "Why do you not work it out in Science?" To this the response was made that she did not know how, with the hope that the friend would offer help. Instead the friend said, "If you really want to work it out scientifically, you will be shown a way."

Spiritual Thinking and Its Effect
January 22, 1916

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