Christian Science came to me in an hour of great darkness

Christian Science came to me in an hour of great darkness. For several years I had been suffering from severe stomach disorder and had tried many medical remedies, none of which gave me any permanent relief. My health was gradually getting worse. I could neither eat nor sleep without some kind of drug, and finally the doctor told me that I would have to give up my business, go off to a resort, and take a complete rest; but this I positively refused to do, as I had too many depending on me for a living. He then asked which I would rather do, go off and be cured, or stay at home and lose my mind worrying over business. I still refused to give up, and he said that it was of no use for him to treat the case unless I would obey his orders.

At this point my wife advised me to see my sister, who had been healed in Christian Science. I did not believe in Science and said so, but was prevailed on to go and have a talk with my sister. This was about twelve o'clock at night. I had not slept in three nights and saw that there was no sleep for me that night, so I told my sister what the doctor had said. She only smiled and said that it was not necessary for me to give up my work, since it was honorable, and that I could continue with it if I would let Science show me the way. This I agreed to do; so she said she would treat me at once, and that I could go home and go to bed without taking any medicine. I agreed to this, after telling her that if I could not go to sleep in an hour or two I would have to take the medicine, for I was afraid I would lose my mind if I did not get some sleep. The result was that I immediately went to bed, and slept all night like a child, and have had no trouble about sleeping well since then, which was about six years ago. Instead of giving up part of my business as the doctor told me I would have to do, I have increased it at least fourfold, yet have no trouble in managing it. Business men often ask me how it is that I can manage such an amount of business with so little trouble and worry.

Testimony of Healing
I would like to state the following case of healing: Four...
January 22, 1916

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