The reprinting by The Scoop of an article from the...

The Scoop

The reprinting by The Scoop of an article from the National Press Reporter containing a harsh criticism of the Christian Science Board of Directors, the directors of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, has been the occasion for no little surprise. The article in question was published by the National Press Reporter, and reprinted by The Scoop, without any inquiry to ascertain the facts of the case from these persons, and there is no basis in fact for the aspersion which it contained.

The Christian Science Board of Directors have neither made an objection, nor caused an objection to be made, to the presence in a public library of any book whatever. They know full well that there are books in circulation which are openly or covertly hostile to the welfare of Christian Science, but they have not attempted the impossible task of putting bars between these books and the people who may want to read them. They have simply endeavored to make it possible for inquirers who may desire to read an authentic biography of Mrs. Eddy, or authentic literature on Christian Science, to get it.

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