In The Beacon-News of recent date Captain—includes...

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In The Beacon-News of recent date Captain—includes in his remarks some observation regarding Mrs. Eddy and Christian Science, inspired by what he admits to have been a superficial reading of her works. In recommending that Christian Science and materia medica be fused "into one harmonious system," he has evidently not stopped to consider either the remarkable record made by Christian Science as a healing agency in less than fifty years, or the fact that a science is not susceptible of adjustment to suit individual preferences. It is either true or it is not science.

The most uncompromising demonstrator of God's omnipotence was Jesus, the great Physician, the only one in whose record there is no failure, and Christian Scientists have unbounded confidence in the wisdom of following his example. In striving to do so, they have had abundant proofs of God's ability to heal all manner of diseases, as well as sin, sorrow, and misfortune, and have experienced such manifold blessings that they are not tempted by proposals to compromise. Such proposals serve to show rather an increasing realization of the soundness of Mrs. Eddy's declarations, on the part of the proponent, than any need for readjustment of that Science which is proving that the promises of Jesus were intended to apply not "a million of years" hence, as your contributor intimates, but here, now, and always. As Mrs. Eddy pointed out, the realization of the absolute supremacy of Spirit is not a question of years, but wholly one of understanding and demonstration.

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