Several years ago, while I was studying at the university...

Several years ago, while I was studying at the university in Oxford, England, with some American friends who were Christian Scientists, my physical condition, never strong, grew worse, until I finally came to the conclusion that I would have to return home or seek relief in the warmer climate of southern Italy. Knowing my friends had great faith in Christian Science, I hesitated to say that on account of my health I would have to leave them, lest they should recommend that I have treatment, and this I did not want to do, so I postponed my decision from day to day.

After three months of concealed misery I knew I could not go on longer in that way. I would have to leave my friends and let them think that I wanted to leave them, or if I went without trying Christian Science, that I considered them foolish for relying on it. I had the most intense distaste for what I thought this teaching to be, and the mental struggle was fierce until a "still small voice" whispered "obstinacy." Relieved to find something I could meet, I knew that if obstinacy had anything to do with my reluctance I should and could settle that at once, and within an hour I was on my way to the home of a Christian Science practitioner. As I went I planned to depart from England the last of the week, feeling that now I could go without hurting my friends; the thought that I might be helped was not entertained at all. In spite of this, I was helped immediately, and with the physical freedom came the inward assurance that God was the healer.

Testimony of Healing
Since I have been a student of Christian Science I have had...
May 8, 1915

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